Repayment of gifts in FL, etc.

Hello. we have 2 questions if we may.

1. My aged cousin done a vast present to me before entering an ALF and requesting for Medicaid. She recently practical for Medicaid and has been “officially” denied. The reason listed on a DCF notice says “the value of your resources is too high for this program.”

Is this sufficient as a record for when a chastisement duration for gifting resources (almost 2 years during a stream $6,880) runs out? It doesn’t discuss a giving divided of resources and it doesn’t calculate any kind of chastisement duration on a notice.

2. My second doubt has to do with a prejudiced repaying of a present to diminution a chastisement time. In FL, do we have to repay a WHOLE present for it to validate as being returned? Or can each $6,880 given behind concede a month off a chastisement period?

And what constitutes a “repayment?” If we compensate for her Medicare Supplement, Part D program, out of slot drug expenses, etc. does it count? If so, would her name have to be on a check or comment used to compensate for these? we mean

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