Buying relatives residence and building new residence on the property

We have 30 acres in farming Indiana where we live.

We’ve offering to concede my wife’s aged relatives to put a new modular home on a skill so that they will be closer to their family and not have to say their existent property.

They owe $20,000 on their stream mortgage.

They haven’t been means to sell (asking $110,000, PVA $104,100).

The residence is in a good area to lease though substantially needs $4000 upkeep to get into let condition.

My father-in-law is in bad health and will substantially usually live a integrate years. My mother-in-law could really good live 5 or some-more years.

I’ve offering to buy their residence and get them in a new modular ($70,000).

Should they keep their aged residence an lease it or should we buy it and lease it?
Should they buy a new residence (it will be on a property).
Should we buy a new residence and lease it to them.
Could they offer me seller financing on their aged house? And compensate me lease on a new house?

I see that there’s many options and I’m looking for recommendation on a best options.

Thanks for any advice

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