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Medicaid Applications in Illinois

If you are a resident of Illinois and you do not have adequate medical coverage then you should consider applying for medicaid through the Illinois Department of healthcare and family services. Your medicaid application is one of the best ways to secure medical coverage if you have a low or fixed income, and cannot provide medical for yourself or for your family any other way. Medicaid is provided to low income individuals and families as a joint effort between the state government and the federal government. The program was designed many year ago, and its core function has remained the same: providing health care coverage to people who cannot other wise afford it.

You should first submit your application for medicaid in Illinois online at the Illinois Department of healthcare and family services website. The application is free, and is conveniently done online. once you have submitted your application, it will be routed to a case worker who will then process your application and let you know the status of your outcome. Illinois medicaid applications can be fairly time consuming which is why it is important to submit the application online. This allows you to save your application and come back to work on it another day.

Your application for medicaid in Il will qualify you for many excellent benefits if you or your children are under the age of 18. The benefits will extend to your family members but not outside of your immediate family. The Illinois medicaid applications will also cover individuals who are pregnant, aged, or disabled. The benefits that stem from medicaid are numerous and are designed to assist people through their lack of medical coverage. it is also very important to find a doctor who will accept medical coverage. Not all doctor’s offices will accept medicaid, so it is important to understand this. Your case worker will be able to assist you in finding a doctor who participates in the Illinois medicaid program. Once you have submitted your application, and been approved, you can begin to enjoy the many benefits of the Illinois medicaid program.

Medicare is NOT Medicaid

First understand that Medicare is not Medicaid.  Medicare pays for doctors and hospitalization and a very limited nursing home stay (only when a patience spends at least three days in a hospital and then goes directly into the nursing home will Medicare pay for up to 100 days). Medicare does NOT pay for nursing home costs.

Medicaid is Complicated

Medicaid law is very complicated so what follows is a very basic explanation of some of the rules and strategies that are available to help a senior qualify. These are the basic Medicaid qualification rules for an individual in Illinois. There are other rules that govern a married couple and different states may have different rules.

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