Not certain if we eliminated residence legally, formed on Medicaid rules

My family changed in with my relatives about 6 years ago, to assistance take caring of my dad. My mom had to go to work to assistance compensate health insurance. In 2009 my relatives were during risk of losing their home for behind taxes. They sealed a residence over to me so we could get a home equity loan to compensate off genuine estate taxes for this residence and dual other properties (one in that we have paid them behind for though never eliminated a help to a possess name).

I am wondering–since it has usually been dual years–can Medicaid use this residence to invalidate my relatives or can we do something, given they were during risk of losing it from behind taxes? On a loan it indicates a approach to compensate parents’ taxes.

Also is there a approach to get a other properties in a name legally given they were during risk also?

I have also lived in and taken caring of a skill given we changed in. One counsel pronounced we need to record something on my taxes claiming a income it took to take caring of them.

Sorry for all a questions, though my mom is now in

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