Estate Recovery in CA: Using an incorrigible trust

Hello, Mr. Heiser,

First, we wish to appreciate we so really most for your smashing book! we systematic and perceived a 2013 book a few weeks ago and have been training so most from it! we can’t appreciate we enough!

As a outcome of your information there, my 88 year-old mom (not married) is severely deliberation changing a pretension of her home from her vital trust to an incorrigible life estate in sequence to strengthen it from any probable destiny estate liberation by California’s Medicaid program.

We had always suspicion that her residence was good stable by being in pretension to her Living Trust. But now we have detected in your outline of a California Medicaid manners (appendix pages 270-272, — so profitable to us!) that California’s estate liberation is an stretched one that does indeed embody corner property, vital trusts and revocable life estate interests (part 4a, page 272). But afterwards we go on to contend in partial 4b that incorrigible life estate interests are free from estate recovery, during slightest during a benefaction indicate in time.

Now, here is the initial question, please.

If she were to settle an incorrigible life estate seductiveness shortly in her current

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