Appraisal Price vs Market Price of Home

If we wish to squeeze it yourself, it is safest if we compensate your mom a full appraised value in sequence to equivocate a explain that she done a present to you. Obviously, any transaction between a primogenitor and child is think as distant as Medicaid is concerned, given a healthy desire is to make a present to a child.
If a residence is put on a market, some states have regulations that free a residence unless an offer of during slightest 2/3 a appraised value is made. That is ostensible to forestall penalizing a owners from a fire-sale labelled forced sale.

Nothing prevents we from seeking another appraiser; be certain to tell them your knowledge in perplexing to sell it during that aloft price. However, if a appraiser selects 3 or some-more allied sales in your ubiquitous area, and scrupulously adjusts for any differences, afterwards a estimation should be accurate.

A correct estimation of a residence should take into care any deficits such as a condition of a roof, basement, etc., before nearing during a marketplace value. After all, any intensity client would cruise that, too.

It sounds to me like we did not get an accurate appraisal. I

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