Moving Medicaid Recipient from one state to another — and offered home. Help!

In a integrate of months, we will be relocating my 80 year aged mother, who is now on Medicaid in Tennessee and vital during home, from Tennessee to California. we am in escrow now on a home we am relocating her to, where she will live alone as her new primary residence. The thought is to keep her Medicaid-qualified as she transitions from TN to CA, as she is really low income ($900 / month) and can't means vast alloy or sanatorium bills. It will substantially take a few months to sell her chateau in Tennessee.

I have already had discussions with Medi-Cal staff and they pronounced that enrolling her will not be a problem, as there is no watchful duration for chateau and her home in Tennessee will be an free (or non-available) item so prolonged as there is a inventory agreement with a realtor as we are actively perplexing to sell a house. They will give us 9 months to sell a house. we have no thought if or either Tennessee can try to place a garnishment on her home or try to redeem what it has paid over a 7 or so years

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