Governor Signs Planned Parenthood Medicaid Reimbursement Bill

Gov. Phil Bryant signed Senate Bill 2238 on Tuesday, a law that blocks the state’s Medicaid division from paying for “costs of care and services” at providers who also offer abortion services—anywhere in the country. The bill, aimed at Planned Parenthood in Mississippi, may also catch Mississippi’s only abortion clinic, the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, in its net.

Now that Gov. Phil Bryant signed Senate Bill 2238 into law on Tuesday, Mississippi’s Planned Parenthood clinic, which doesn’t offer abortion services, will no longer receive Medicaid reimbursements for the family-planning services it offers such as birth control, cancer screenings and screenings for sexually transmitted infections.

Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves announced on Twitter that the governor signed the bill and thanked him for “banning any state funds from being spent by Planned Parenthood.”

The bill prohibits the division of Medicaid from “authorizing payment of part or all of the costs of care and services rendered by an entity that performs nontherapeutic abortions, maintains or operates a facility where nontherapeutic abortions are performed.”

This language, while intended to target Planned Parenthood, could also rope in the state’s only abortion clinic. Diane Derzis, owner of the Jackson Women’s

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