89-yr-old with $1 million in assets

For his age and item size, he should try to minimize his monthly losses though subordinate for nursing home underneath these contribution is substantially not going to work. After all, he can usually have $2,000 in countable assets.

That being said: Depending on a state he lives in, he could presumably squeeze a home for $1 million and live in it for a while–the longer a better. Then on entering a nursing home, a home would be an free asset. However dual issues remain: in some states after 6 months, if a alloy certifies that he will never go home, a residence becomes a countable item again. Secondly, on his death, if a home was in his name alone, it will be theme to state recoupment of a Medicaid bills. However, even if he has to compensate behind a state, his check will be formed on a reduce Medicaid rate paid to a nursing home, as against to a aloft private rate he would have had to compensate had he not competent for Medicaid. Thus, whoever succeeds to his estate will accept a larger volume underneath this scenario.

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