2nd house

September 2, 2014

Hi: My father in law has a revocable trust that has been in place 5 years. We are looking during fixation him in a nursing home. He is currently in a rehab nursing home underneath Medicare. Twenty (20) days will finish a finish of this week. He could go on thru day 100 underneath Medicare. However, he would have to cover his 20% of a assign and 80% will be paid by medicare. Then medicaid would have take over if approved.

We are in a routine of requesting for medicaid here in KS. He does have his house, and there is a 2nd residence and an dull lot. No other assests. The questions being is that a vigilant was to send a residence and lot into my father and my name after he passed. We have lived/occupied, used/maintained, and paid any and all losses including taxes on a 2nd residence and lot given 1981. Will he be authorized for Medicaid and some arrange of spend down or nullify advantages and we have to sell a residence or will they put a garnishment on a residence and lot? It

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