When to apply

Any income she contributed that was indeed used to compensate domicile bills of a residence in that she was vital during a time are not gifts to you, given they are transfers for care (i.e., she got something in lapse for a money).

Medicaid will inspect her bank accounts going behind during slightest 6 months, in some states adult to 5 years back! If they doubt a transfers, we will have to explain that a payments were for domicile bills as we settled above. Then they should be abandoned by a state.

If she has some-more than $2,000 in a bank during a time she applies, afterwards a Medicaid caseworker will repudiate your mom from Medicaid eligibility until that sum is down next $2,000. That can need we to re-apply when that conditions is met.

You should pre-pay your mother’s wake and burial, presumably squeeze a automobile in her name that we can use to expostulate her around, buy a big-screen TV for her use, etc. we plead a series of other options in my book, about how to realistically “spend down” resources so as to validate for Medicaid.

Article source: http://medicaidsecretsforum.com/showthread.php?tid=542