What Is the Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid?

You’ve probably heard the terms Medicare and Medicaid thrown around more times than you could count. But although the two programs happen to sound alike by name, there are some key differences between them. While Medicare is a federal health insurance program that provides medical care to those over 65 as well as those with disabilities, Medicaid is both a federal and state-run assistance program that provides medical care for individuals with low income.

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How Medicare works

During your working years, you pay into Medicare the same way you do with Social Security. Once you reach 65, you’re eligible to enroll in Medicare coverage. If you’re under 65, you may also be eligible for coverage if you’re permanently disabled or have end-stage renal disease.

Medicare is managed by the federal government and has several sub-programs that work together to provide comprehensive health coverage. When you apply to Medicare, you are automatically enrolled in Part A, which covers hospital and skilled nursing facility care, as well as certain home health services. Part B, meanwhile, covers preventative services such as doctor visits, as well as services necessary to treat a condition or disease, such as diagnostic tests and durable

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