W. Va. Medicaid Expansion Advocates Worry About Future Costs

West Virginia Public Broadcasting:
Is Medicaid Expansion Contributing To WV Budget Crisis?

[N]ext year, the Medicaid expansion agreement between states and the federal government will begin to change. “Starting in January of 2017, West Virginia will have to pay a 5 percent match for Medicaid Expansion. In the governor’s budget that’s 14 million extra dollars for next year,” said Renate Pore, director of health policy for West Virginians for Affordable Healthcare. In 2018, the state will have to match 6 percent, then 7 the following year, until by 2020 the match will cap at 10 percent and approximately 50 million additional dollars out of the state budget to pay for Medicaid. … advocates like Pore they are worried about how the state will continue funding Medicaid. (Lofton, 5/23)

Article source: https://health.einnews.com/article/328027153/UzsWyrHWfFY5CNwh?ref=rss&ecode=uiQ1mLaH2KVPSS4e