Transforming health care in North Carolina with Medicaid reform

From the beginning of his administration, Gov. Pat McCrory has been committed to reforming North Carolina Medicaid into a system that puts people first and is centered on patients.

On Wednesday, after nearly three years of discussions with North Carolinians from every corner of our state, and we finalized our reform plan and submitted it to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

This is a historic milestone that sets forth our state’s vision for population health improvement in North Carolina. As a result of its clinical, financial and health informatics scale, Medicaid has the potential for driving systemwide transformation toward this vision.

Currently, 20 percent of all North Carolinians receive Medicaid services, and 56 percent of all children born in our state are born to mothers receiving Medicaid. In total, our Medicaid budget is $14 billion per year. Clearly, Medicaid is an important commitment by our taxpayers to serve fellow citizens in need. We have an obligation to make sure financing is sustainable, and we are getting the best health outcomes possible for that investment.

To do so, we will transform health and health care in North Carolina:

▪ From paying for how many services patients receive to paying for improved patient outcomes.

▪ From

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