The inexorable expansion of Medicaid

As any Republican will tell you, the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare, has been an utter disaster, a complete catastrophe, the destroyer of liberty, ruination of countless lives, and slayer of hope. After all, did it not fail to turn insurance companies into models of concern and caring? Did it not fail to reverse the medical inflation that has been a constant practically forever? Is it not true that under the ACA you can still not only get sick, but even die? Thanks, Obama.

But seriously, the ACA has fallen short of what it could be in a number of ways. Yet there’s one success story from the law that’s so dramatic, even some Republicans can’t fight against it anymore, even if they’d rather not talk about it: the expansion of Medicaid. In fact, it’s looking like the most consequential part of the law, even more than the outlawing of denials of coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Consider this recent development: The Republican governor and Republican legislature in Oklahoma, about as red a state as they come, is now considering accepting the Medicaid expansion. Why? It’s

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