Study examines locations of piece abuse comforts that accept Medicaid

Approximately 60 percent of U.S. counties have during slightest one outpatient piece use commotion (SUD) trickery that accepts Medicaid, nonetheless a series is most reduce in southern and Midwestern states, according to a investigate by Janet R. Cummings, Ph.D., of Emory University, Atlanta, and colleagues.

The enlargement of Medicaid underneath a Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 sets a theatre for assisting residence long-standing gaps in entrance to SUD diagnosis for states that opt-in to a expansion, according to a investigate background.

Researchers used information from a 2009 National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services record and a 2011-2012 Area Resource record to inspect county-level SUD trickery accessibility in a U.S. and either race/ethnicity, misery and word are compared with availability.

Study formula prove SUD comforts that accept Medicaid are reduction common in southern and Midwestern states than in other areas of a country, and that U.S. counties with a aloft commission of black, rural, and/or uninsured residents are reduction expected to have one of those facilities.

“Although a Medicaid enlargement will yield states with an event to accelerate a SUD diagnosis complement with new sovereign funds, additional policies might need to be implemented to

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