Study #1, A-Z

I would love, if we have time, for we to work out a unfolding in Study #1, p. 226 if we assume that George will enter a nursing home in 36 months.

So assume his losses while not in nursing home are $3,000 per month instead of a $5,800 if private profitable in a NH. So he needs to keep 36 months of $3,000, though he has $2,090 in income per month. So he needs to keep $910 per month x 36 months = $32,760. But afterwards a chastisement does not trigger until 3 years from now when he relates and differently qualifies. So during that indicate he usually has $182,240 left. So he gifts $103,467 and retains $76,773 in a form of an payments and triggers a 20.69 month penalty. His income of $2,090 per month and a payments covers his private pay.

So if he is not in ‘crisis’ mode, he indeed gifts less? Seems he should be means to present more………… What am we missing? we was anticipating to present some-more than a $122,500 predicament mode ‘half loaf’ plan.


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