Special Needs Trust

I am in South Carolina. My father was in a VA nursing home and pennyless his hip and leg. This compulsory medicine and several weeks of rehab. We couldn’t means a $216.00 per day price to reason my father’s bed during a VA until he could get out of a sanatorium and rehab, so we had to give his bed to someone else. Now. we are on a watchful list for readmission behind into a VA nursing home, usually since that is a usually one we can afford, ($1150.00 per month and medicines).

From reading your book (http://www.MedicaidSecrets.com), a usually choice that we have during this indicate (unless we have missed something), is removing a special needs trust. We do validate as my sister is 52 years aged and infirm per Social Security and lives in a home with my parents. All their assets has been tired and they are vital month to month on Social Security and a tiny pension.

The problem with removing my father on Medicaid is some let mobile homes that they have. we have attempted offered them, though banks won’t loan income on these older

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