nursing home in WI with Medicaid, others in house

If a usually item your mom has is her house, she should immediately validate for Medicaid in a long-term caring trickery such as a nursing home. That’s since in all 50 states a personal chateau is an free item (as prolonged as a net equity in a chateau does not surpass $543,000 (or as most as $814,000 in a few states).

According to a sovereign supervision Medicaid site (

Nursing Facility Services are supposing by Medicaid approved nursing homes, that essentially yield 3 forms of services:

*Skilled nursing or medical caring and associated services;
*Rehabilitation indispensable due to injury, disability, or illness;
*Long tenure caring —health-related caring and services (above a turn of room and board) not accessible in a community, indispensable frequently due to a mental or earthy condition.

A Nursing Facility is one of many settings for prolonged tenure care, including or other services and supports outward of an institution, supposing by Medicaid or other state agencies

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