need assistance urgent

My mom is 63 and now vital in Costa Rica. She has no health caring coverage or income aside from a really tiny Social Security pension.

This is a situation: she has finish theatre 4 emphysema and requires consistent oxygen as good as assistance with simple vital duties. She is now in a sanatorium here in Costa Rica though is recieving minimal caring given she is not a proprietor and is during a open hospital. we am struggling to figure out a approach to get her behind to a U. S. and have reached out to angel flights/mercy flights. If she didn’t need so most oxygen we could fly her behind commercial. Anyhow, we digress.

So here we am in Costa Rica and we consider a best thing we can do is to start an focus though we have positively no thought how. we have singular internet and phone. we live in FL so that also will be her state of residence.

Can anyone yield some guidance?

Thank you.

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