Medicaid cuts would jeopardize care

Leaders of two Topeka community mental health organizations spoke out against the state’s proposed 4 percent cuts to Medicaid, a move they said will cost the two centers about $1.1 million and will jeopardize mental health services in Shawnee County.

Brenda Mills, CEO of Family Service Guidance Center of Topeka, and Bill Persinger, CEO of Valeo Behavioral Health Care, sent a joint news release on Friday to express their concerns about the Medicaid cuts, proposed as part of the state’s plan to handle budget shortfalls.

“There have been about 10 or so events or public policy decisions, revenue decisions, whatever you want to call ’em, since about 2009 or so that have really shaken the foundation of community mental health center funding,” Persinger said, adding that the announcement of a 4 percent Medicaid cut just layered on top of other cuts to make the situation untenable.

“Each one in and of themselves has had a negative effect on public mental health, but when you add them all together, and you look at the impact of the most

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