IIR’s Medicare Congress 2014, Feb 10-12, New Orleans

Inquiries about IIR’s Medicare Congress 2014 eventuality have been pouring in daily, so we are gratified to announce – a website and registration are now live!

You’ll see that we’ve stretched a module for 2014, and are vehement to deliver a usually eventuality permitting we and your group to be “one and done” during a Medicare Congress, providing we with all we need to surpass in a arriving year.

One of a ways that we’ve combined your all-in-one eventuality knowledge is by fasten a Medicare Congress with IIR’s D.U.A.L.S. Forum, providing Medicare and Medicaid executives an disdainful event to network and learn from one another, formulating a ultimate counterpart training knowledge to maximize opportunities to offer this remunerative and formidable population.

 Additionally, a Medicare Congress has stretched to include:

  • The re-energized Stars University

  • An increasing concentration on networking with ACOs
  • A full lane dedicated to Increasing Membership Creating a Ideal Customer Experience
  • Another lane clinging to Medical Management and Care Coordination for Medicare and Dually Eligible Members

The broader viewpoint during a Medicare Congress 2014 ensures your whole group will find something applicable and surpass in your query to yield aloft quality, cost-efficient caring to current

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