Federal Judge Rules For N.H. Hospitals In Dispute Over Medicaid Funding

New Hampshire Union Leader:
Federal Judge Sides With NH Hospitals In Their Compensation Argument With The State 

A federal judge has sided with New Hampshire hospitals in their argument with the state over how much the hospitals are due for uncompensated care, which is usually the difference between Medicaid payments and hospitals’ true costs. The ruling means there will be no immediate relief from the courts for a current budget deficit in the Department of Health and Human Services, and Gov. Chris Sununu may have to revise his budget for the next two fiscal years to pay hospitals more than he had hoped, unless the ruling is overturned on appeal or Congress changes the law. (Solomon, 3/3)

Article source: https://health.einnews.com/article/369659947/zPQhPlSgF3ZZsEJ2?ref=rss&ecode=uiQ1mLaH2KVPSS4e