Efforts to Restore Medicaid Cuts for Radiology Services Falls Short

Add radiologists and public health experts to the chorus of critics over the state budget proposal the Senate is expected to take up tomorrow.

The plan hammered out by Democratic leaders last week does not restore $7 million for radiology services for the poor. The money was cut from the state budget last year.

That means radiologists receive about $20 for analyzing a screening mammogram and $25 for a diagnostic mammogram for high-risk patients, far less than what private insurers pay.

“The failure to include funding for Medicaid reimbursement for mammograms and other imaging services will continue to impact poor and at-risk patients across Connecticut, and will likely close the doors of radiology practices,” said Michael Crain, CEO of Radiologic Association of Middletown. “We know that preventive care saves lives and health care dollars. This is an unfortunate and short-sighted budget decision.”

The issue was a priority of the legislature’s Black and Puerto Rican Caucus. “This is an access issue, particularly for women who are poor, women of color, to not be able to get their mammography and then be presented with late stage cancer, breast cancer,” Rep. Bruce Morris, the caucus

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