Auto as a Non-Countable Assett

I bought your book about 6 months behind and review that if we squeeze a automobile a item would not be counted as distant as Medicaid is concerned, though we am carrying rather of a quandary with this.

I recently purchased a automobile underneath my 85 year aged mother’s name for this purpose. We live in NJ and my word attorney has told me that a word companies won’t protection a automobile unless it is purebred in her name and she has a current driver’s license. Registering it in her name is not a problem though she no longer has a current license. we have checked several word companies and nothing will do it.

I can have a automobile pretension in my name as a Primary Owner and my mom as a Co-Owner, and afterwards we can register it in my name and get a insurance. we would consider that this would also keep a automobile out of probate. My mom can't be a Primary Owner since it would afterwards have to be purebred in her name and afterwards we am behind to block one with no insurance. Will this work?

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