As Congress Wrestles With Medicaid’s Future, Advocates In States Rally To Preserve Expansion

Chicago Tribune:
Stakes High In Illinois As Congress Rethinks Medicaid 

Until recently, much of the debate over health care’s future has focused around skyrocketing prices for insurance bought through exchanges created under the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. But other proposed changes to the health care law and Medicaid under discussion in Washington have the potential to affect far more people in Illinois than an overhaul of the exchanges. More than 3 million Illinois residents — about 1 of out of every 4 people in the state — have health insurance through Medicaid, which is funded by state and federal dollars. Any changes to the program could affect consumers and some hospitals and doctors, which use the money they get from Medicaid to bolster their services. This year, the federal government is sending Illinois an estimated $14.1 billion for its share of the program. (Schencker, 3/3)

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