Applicable for Medicaid or not

I am staying in Richmond, Virginia. We are from India on H4 visa (dependents on father who has H1 visa) that is current compartment 2017. My 2.5 years aged son has been diagnosed with a genetic syndrome. He is contingent for all his primary needs. He is underneath Early Intervention services underneath Henrico county. His primary word is Aetna. We would like to get him some-more therapy sessions once he joins special school. Please assistance with a following queries :-

(1) Is my son authorised for Medicaid given he is not a US citizen ? Will he be authorised deliberation his medical condition / income of a family ?
(2) Will he be authorised for Medicaid Waiver services ?
(3) If eligible, how prolonged will it take to enroll him in Medicaid and what will be a reward to be paid ?

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